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"Busca la verdad mientras eres joven, pues si no lo haces, después se te escapará de entre las manos" (Parménides).

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nuevo proyecto de estudio de vida microscópica.


 This is a portal in which you can get your secondary school students (10 to 16) to post their discoveries.
They can take samples from the garden at home and search for living creatures in those samples and try to identify what they are.

 Share your discoveries with us.
You can post your pictures, videos and location, and information about the species you find.
Send an email to javierfportal@gmail.com if you want to join the Project.

 In the future we can gather in some location to share our work.
You are welcome!

Example of specimen observed the 2015.11.24 in London: a tardigrade, (water bear).

At the moment two schools participate:
The Cedars School, London UK
Llaut, Balearic Islands Spain

Go to the map!  (you need to join the project to see the map with pictures and videos of microbes in their locations)
¡Ir al mapa!