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"Busca la verdad mientras eres joven, pues si no lo haces, después se te escapará de entre las manos" (Parménides).


Third Term
HW15: By the 20th of April you are expected to have finished until page 102.

HW14: This week (March 19-23) you have to finish until task 11.5 (page 94). 
After Easter you have to bring your presentation about your invention and present it in 4 minutes.

Second Term
The presentation will not be mandatory this term. 
1) 70-72
2) 73-76 (finish T9). vídeo history atom.
3) presentations Due by 19/Feb.
HW12: Revision until page 69 (end T8)
HW11: Ex5 [pgs 43-55 booklet & pgs 34-41 book & molarity].
Pgs 57-62  &  Pgs 63-69. Due by 05/Feb.
HW10: Read and summarise pg 34-41 from your book (in pgs 137 from your booklet).
Prepare a short test [Ex5]. Due by 22/Jan.
HW9: pg 49-53 from Booklet. / Prepare your presentation. Due by 15/Jan.
Ex4: Booklet [T5/ T6:LabEquip] and Book [pg 64-67]. Answerkey.
HW8: Pages 38 and 39. (Due date: 6/12). Read pg 11 from your book and copy the 2 green boxes onto pg 39 of your booklet. & Pages 40-42 (Due date: 17/12).

First Term
Due date 27/11 Exam Eval1.
You can prepare the exam revising topics 1 to 4 (booklet), and exams 1, 2 and this mock exam.
Booklets will be collected on this week.
HW7: Pages 34-38 (Booklet). Due date 18/11 (So I will heck the HW the following Monday: Nov 20th.)
HW6: Pages 29-33 (Booklet). Due date 11/11
HW5: finish all the tasks until page 28. Pages 25-28 (Booklet)Due date 6/11
HW4: finish all the tasks until page 24. Pages 22-24 (Booklet) Due date 30/10
HW3: Pages 18-21 (Booklet). Learn the formulas and units on page 20-21. Finish worksheet 2 (graphs).
HW2: Pages 14-17 (Booklet)
HW1: Pages 9-13 (Booklet)


These videos are useful to revise the topic of forces:

Para practicar Forces and Motion

Vector Addition

Click to Run

Forces and Motion: Basics

Ley de Hooke

Clic para Ejecutar

Ley de equilibrio

Clic para Ejecutar

Laboratorio de Fuerza de Gravedad

Clic para Ejecutar

Fuerzas y movimiento

Clic para Ejecutar


Clic para Ejecutar

Fuerzas en 1 Dimensión

Clic para Ejecutar

Gravedad y Órbitas

Clic para Ejecutar

Physical and chemical changes: whatch this video.

Can you differentiate a physical change from a chemical change? Try this.
Build an atom

Build an Atom

Click to Run
Isotopes and atomic mass
Isotopes and Atomic Mass

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Scale of the universe.

Elements, compounds and mixtures.  And methods of separation. Whatch this.

Build a molecule
Build a Molecule

Click to Run

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Molecule shapes
Molecule Shapes

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Learning about concentration

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Let's make a saturated solution
Salts & Solubility

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Worksheet with explanation of the way to calculate concentrations. Molarity and others.

States of Matter: Basics

States of Matter

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Revise the Kinetic theory of Matter

Mass and atomic structure.

States of matter. Watch this video.

Ideas on the atom throughout history.

Ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds. Types of bonds VIDEO.

Balancing chemical equations
Balancing Chemical Equations

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Video to revise Chemical reactions.

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